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Conover, NC, 28613


Iā€™m very impressed with Turbo Maxx! No more cold start issues!! No stiction!! This product really worked fast, first cold start after oil change the long cranks and rough running was completely gone. I will be purchasing and using your fuel treatment soon! Feel free to use anything I have said for a testimony in your advertising, heck I could be persuaded to do a lil tailgate advertising on my truck! Thanks again, Eric Lovely
— Eric Lovely, 2002 Ford F-350 4x4, 7.3L turbo, 394,000 miles
I put 1ml of C4 & 10ml Turbo Maxx in my Honda 4 wheeler. Within minutes, I could hear and feel a difference. It shifted easier and sounded smoother. I took it to a very steep trail on the back of the property that normally 2nd gear is the highest it will climb the 150ā€™ grade. I shifted to 3rd from a standstill and climbed it easily. Your products outperformed what you told me. Thanks, and I will be a loyal customer because it is rare nowadays for a product to actually perform as stated by the manufacturer.
— midessatx