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1625 Emmaus Walk
Conover, NC, 28613


The ultimate in camshaft protection for your classic and racing motors! Don't allow stricter E.P.A. standards lead to the premature deterioriation of your engines. ZDDP Maxx replenishes the much needed zinc and phosphorous in your oil to keep your non-roller lifters from early deterioration. Simply add one 2oz bottle of ZDDP Maxx to 4 or 5 quarts of your favorite oil, and for racing engines, add 1oz per quart Manufactured by ZDDP MAXX for ZDDP Maxx. Turbo maxx oil additive doubled oil change intervals stops stiction cleans the engine stops friction and wear better than any product. Turbo Maxx c-4 is a fuel catalyst that reduces molecule size to increase fuel detonation at the same time lubing cylinder walls valves lowering combustion temps. This all helps to reduce green house gasses 90% lowest cost per gallon treat ratio. No need to ever pay more for fuel additive than what it cost to use. One leading brand charges $12.00 to treat 30 gallons of gas or diesel fuels $.40 per gallon Turbo Maxx c-4 is $.048 that would be $ 1.54. The dosage is 1ml to each 3 gallons of fuel. we have developed the next generation of all in one engine oil and fuel management we are now working on the 100,000 oil change for the fast pace cleaner less pollution life style less waste products to harm the only world we have.