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Your Engine Deserves the Absolute Best!


Automotive enthusiasts around the world are raving about ZDDP MAXX!!!  ZDDP MAXX is a revolutionary concentrated product that will changes your ZDDP level to over 1910ppm with just 2oz in 4 - 6 quarts of oil and keep it from premature deterioration. Recently, ZDDP (Zinc Dialkyldithiophosphate) has been, for the most part, removed from all engine oil products, including synthetics, which can lead to early deterioration for pre-1990 motors, or motors with non-roller lifters.  ZDDP MAXX is the ultimate in camshaft protection!

ZDDP MAXX is the perfect product to save your 5 to 5000 horsepower engine. ZDDP MAXX puts a perfect boundary layer on the metal pieces to prevent them from rubbing together, which leads to increased deterioration.  Every engine made before 1990 and/or racing engine needs ZDDP MAXX for their camshaft's protection!! ZDDP MAXX will raise your sm oils Phosphorous to 1910ppm & Zinc to 2200ppm after 3000 miles, more powerful than all break in oils.

All current API rated SM oils do not meet the needs of these engines. Due to stricter standards by the E.P.A., the ZDDP has been all but completely phased out of oil.  This is okay for the engines produced after 1990 as they utilize roller lifters.  However, the engines produced before 1990, with non-roller lifters are left exposed to early deterioration as the lifters rub against each other; metal to metal.  ZDDP protects by creating a film on cams and flat lifter contact points to prevent that deterioration. 

There is nothing in ZDDP MAXX that was not already in motor oil prior to the implementation of the new E.P.A. standards and the introduction of "SM" oils.  ZDDP MAXX simply brings your "SM" rated oil back to "SF" specifications over 1910ppm phosphorous & 2200ppm zinc.  ZDDP MAXX can also be used in motorcycle oil with or without wet clutches . It will add the ability to improve shifting. Over the past 2 years motorcycle oil has suffered greatly.

ZDDP MAXX is super easy to use.  Simply add a 2oz. bottle of ZDDP MAXX to 4 - 6 quarts of your favorite oil, and for racing engines, add 1/2oz per quart.

Although, ZDDP MAXX is not recommended for long term use with catalytic converters, our product TURBO MAXX is.


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